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curly hair care

Hairdressers’ New Assistant in Curly Hair Care: Tangle Free

Reasons Why Hairdressers Prefer HUSH Tangle Free Product in Their Salons

Curly hair is unique with its voluminous and remarkable appearance. However, this hair type requires special care to keep it healthy and well-groomed. It is important to support curly hair, which can often be dry and brittle, with the right products. HUSH Tangle Free is preferred in salons at this point for curly hair care.

Sulfate and Silicone Free Formula

HUSH Tangle Free protects the hair’s natural oils with its special sulfate and silicone-free formula. This product maintains the moisture balance of curly hair and helps keep it healthy.

Deep Moisturizing

Curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types. Using HUSH Tangle Free once or twice a week increases the moisture level of the hair and prevents breakage.

Heat Protection Feature

Heat is the worst enemy of curly hair. The use of hair dryers, straighteners or tongs can dry and damage the hair. HUSH Tangle Free protects the hair with its formula that can be used at low heat and contains heat protectant sprays.

Easy Combing and Frizz Prevention

HUSH Tangle Free softens the hair strands for easy combing and prevents frizz. It instantly makes hair look smoother and softer.

Long Lasting Effect

HUSH Tangle Free permanently changes the appearance and texture of hair for 12 weeks. This long-lasting effect reduces the workload of hairdressers and makes clients’ hair care routines more efficient.

Natural Ingredients and Avoiding Chemical Ingredients

Natural hair care products are always the first choice for curly hair care. HUSH Tangle Free keeps hair healthy by avoiding chemical ingredients.

The New Favorite of Hairdressers and Hair Care Specialists: HUSH Tangle Free

Revolutionizing hair care, HUSH Tangle Free is the new favorite of hairdressers and hair care experts. It prevents frizz, smooths the scale layer, softens the hair and makes it look more beautiful. This product is one of the hairdressers’ biggest helpers in curly hair care and protection.

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